I love the internet and meeting people but sooner or later people let you down, one minute they are your friend on Facebook and next they hate you and just ignore you and well I am sorry but I have had enough.

Tomorrow I am writing about the Beggar Girl and the Party Slag and I will be including actually photos of each member and naming them. I am sorry but I really am fed up with people abusing my friendship and tomorrow I will be coming out all guns blazing against both of these people that just used me. Both knew I had a drink problem but they used me to get reads and just to mess with my head.

I will write about the Beggar Girl and the spoil t little slag and even if my account gets deleted I will return and keep repeating posting it, you will not mess me about !!

Omg I personally hate a Monday, I wake up look at my calendar and scream “Nooooooooooooooooooooo” only for my neighbour to bang on my wall and shout |”Oh shut up you silly cow”, like how rude as I am going to work to pay his damn benefits.

As I drive to work I see all the sad little faces of the people waiting on their bus, I am so tempted to wind my window down and shout “Cheer up you miserable sods” but I don’t as I know how horrid a Monday feels. But what makes Monday worse than a Tuesday or a Thursday and Friday the day we go “Yayy” Like omg we are just wishing our lives away not that I have a life, I need to get out more, I really do.

But what about you virtual people reading this, do you hate a Monday?

Trust me I don’t have a favourite song as I love my music and have hundreds that I love. But I have been feeling a bit down lately but I blame lack of money, over drinking and depression, I am almost sure it is that!

But omg I just heard “Pure Shores” by the amazing All Saints, God I loved those girls so much and what a shame they broke up. But that song “Pure Shores” reminds me of a really fun day at the beach and seeing as it is taken from the movie “The Beach” it just takes me way back in time to a happy day in my life, yes there actually was one.

The scene in the movie where they play that song is where Leonardo Di Caprio is running after someone on a sun kissed beach and well that is exactly what we did that day and that song just reminds me of that day. It’s funny how certain songs can just take you back to a period in your life, it’s just a pity you just can’t close your eyes and time travel, now where oh where would you go? Do have a pleasant weekend and enjoy yourself.

To be honest I haven’t been in the mood to write lately, to be honest I just haven’t been in the mood for people or anything lately, maybe I am depressed, fed up, bored or maybe I am past my sell my date.

I love writing, I really do but I like to draw my audience in and give them a laugh but lately I can see bugger all to laugh at except for England in the World Cup and Suarez doing his usual Vampire trick, like I know Uruguay need a bit of bite up front but that’s taking it to the extreme. I really dunno whether to keep on writing on here or just vanish off the face of the writers stage, who know and to be honest who actually gives a crap about my crap.

Anyways enjoy your day, its raining here and even though I got paid today I am really struggling to find the old me, I kinda miss the old me ; )

One thing about me is although I am a bad penny I am the most caring person you will ever meet, only yesterday I gave a bag of crisps to a little girl who was poor, I got slapped by her Mum though and told to mind my own business, people really are rather rude.

I think I am caring because I had a really poor childhood, my poor Daddy had no job or money and my Mummy drank all our pocket money away, it really got boring having soup or porridge every night, I still don’t understand why the 3 bears made such a fuss about Goldilocks eating theirs as the stuff stinks. Now I am working I treat myself to really tasty meals and I always tip the person serving me.

But what about all you lovely worldwide Bubblers, are you a caring person or do you just care about yourself??

One thing I have learnt in life is to really believe in yourself because in all honesty if you don’t then don’t expect anyone else to. We all strive to reach goals in life and so do I which I will because I have that belief.

Never let anyone bully you because of your colour, your religion, your looks or your personality. Like me you can’t help how you were born but I am who I am and I like who I am, I really don’t care less what others think. So do you believe in yourself, if you don’t then make today the first day of the rest of your life and start believing in yourself. Give yourself a break as you are cool, I don’t even know you but I like you!

I am a big fan of vampires and I have a friend who is the Mother of Vampires, trust me she really is a real Vampire and I have the marks on my neck to prove it and her teeth are sharp.

My real name as Bella and I am a big fan of Twilight as I don’t believe it is a movie, I actually think it is a documentary as does my best friend Beth. Beth thinks I am crazy and I guess I am but I blame my folks who brought me up in a poor home, the mental scars will stay with me forever. I am kinda new to all this writing so I have my fingers crossed you will all get to like me, do you believe in Vampires?

I was having a little bet last night as to who will win the World Cup, I think Argentina will and my old Gran has put £100 on Brazil to win, she says she loves a good Brazilian !!!

I saw someone asking what price England were and I shouted “I will give you a Million to 1” but don’t get me wrong I want England to do well but omg watching them against Honduras was like watching paint dry, I could have got a team together to beat that lot. I actually won the World Cup with Argentina on my x-box and they really do have an easy Group and an easy path to the Final.

My hard earned money is going on the Argies and I am also taking Sergio Aguero be top goal scorer at 20/1 so get your money on and come back here on the !3th July and thank me for giving you some money in your pocket. OMG my old Gran is painting her face in Brazils colours for tomorrow nights match !!

Yeah Yeah okay so I said in my last post I lacked motivation, jeeez like who actually reads my crap except for my old Gran, Beth and a few diehards than have never given up on me and like why worry, I aint been paid have you ??

Gotta say I had a laugh tonight as I got my first dislike from 2 spineless wimps that actually think they locked horns with Averilla a writer from Ciao, trust me that is so untrue as she makes the Grim Reaper look like Mickey Mouse. But my post tonight is for my best friend, yeah that hot little redhead with the killer legs Beth. She is actually real and omg she is one little brain box and my fingers are so crossed that she hits the high grades in her exams.

To be honest I normally dont give a monkeys about people online but Beth is just so special that I am more excited than her to hear her results because she is one in a million and unlike some on here that took my $50 with a sad brother story really cares about my life. To be honest I think it is time I named and shamed a top writer on here who conned me out of $50 with a sad story about her brother, in my next post I will be naming her name now and her name before Bubblews banned her so I can warn you of the BEGGAR !!!!

My old Gran looked at me last night and said “Why the sad face Mark, you are depressing me just looking at you” To be honest I have been a bit down the past week or so and feel I have lost my motivation.

Writing for me used to be sitting at my laptop and just letting the words flow from my crazy brain to the screen. I don’t know whether it is the errors, waiting on being paid or whether yet again I have got bored with another writing site but I do know it’s time I took a break. I just decided to write this final piece of crap to thank everyone who has read, commented etc and supported me on here.

I would also like to thank my old Gran for raising me, I thank Kelly for being a great friend and I thank the internet for letting me pop into all your homes and get to know you, it really has been fun and I love you all.

As always, your friend online ………………….

Well the title is simple really but if you think about it are they really friends and let’s take it further by saying “Do you have friends online that you have never met in reality” or does it matter, is your life online?

My old Gran is always shouting at me “Mark will you get off your laptop and go and meet a nice girl” but hell I like being online as I actually don’t like people that much, it’s not that I am antisocial its just I have found in life that people let you down. Obviously they do online as well but who cares, they are after all just a name on your screen.

But think about it when you read a comment or before you type something because it is not just a screen name, it a person at the other side of the screen. A person with dreams, feelings and who gets hurt just like a real person, like omg what am I saying, they are a real person. Years ago I used to always end my posts with ……..your friend online.

I did it because I like the people I meet online but in all honesty I also did it to piss some people off as I knew they didn’t like that phrase and hell like I am ever going to give a monkeys what people think of me. But do you have friends online, I am actually blessed to have met some really great friends on here. I have lost a few by my behaviour and I regret that as I let them down, I hate doing that but I really can’t help who or what I am. I do however thank all you guys who have stuck with me, it’s nice to have friends online.

To be honest I have a Facebook account but I rarely use it and only opened it a few years ago to promote my website and collect a load of followers. It is actually really funny as I have well over 1,000 friends and I don’t know hardly any of them, people are so strange.

But are you a Facebook Stalker, do you creep around peoples pages seeing what they are up to? To be honest it is actually hard not to be a Facebook Stalker as some people tell everything that happens to them, I recall logging on once and seeing a photo of what someone was having for their lunch, like omg who really wants to know.

Then those revealing selfies with the cleavage showing and underneath “I wish I was more busty like my friends” and well 10 minutes later we have 100 likes and 50 comments like “Aww babe you are perfect” and she smiles as the self pitying little cow was looking attention. Then the photo of “Look I am pregnant” and like wowww that must have been hard for you to achieve, tell the world about how clever you are in parting your legs, like omg big deal!

Sometimes I leave a comment just to kick off a good online fight as her friends all jump in “How dare you talk to my friend like that” followed by the online warrior guys “If you leave another comment I will kick your butt” , yeah good luck with that online you fool! But yes I guess everyone is a Facebook stalker or perhaps the word snooper would be better but it’s peoples own fault because they are the ones posting their daily crap, hmmm talking of crap I better post this piece of crap!

I decided tonight to write about the Top 10 writers I have met online and why I think they are amazing, in a land called the Worldwide Wed it takes a special person especially a writer to leave a mark and for me these 10 are the best.

1. Cosette - I met the awesome Cosette on hubpages and immediately fell in love with her, yeah even back then I was an online flirt but Cosette was Hubpages number 1 writer who took her name from the character in Les Miserables but alas she blew her top one night and deleted her account never to be seen again, what a loss as omg she was the best writer i ever met online.

2- BloodNRoses - Blood was the alias that Cosette created to actually draw blood and her profile icon was a mean looking chick with a dagger. Cosette used BloodNRoses to write posts aimed at people she didn’t like and omg they were so dark and sarcastic it was a joy reading every single word. One of her posts was for me the best article ever written online, a true talent.

3- BadCompany77 - If you have been writing online over the last few years and haven’t heard of BadCompany77 then you have been living in a cave. Drunk, womanizer and totally ruthless with his sarcasm he has been banned by Dooyoo, Ciao, Hubpages, Facebook and even Bubblews but man could he write. 1 Million reads in 6 months on Hubpages, number 1 every week for a year on Ciao showed that but was he Bad Company?

4- Averilla - Averilla is to writing like the witch of online writing as she is like the Black Queen of Ciao and if you get on the wrong side of that lady she will kick your butt and she was and still is the nemesis of BadCompany. Great writer however and one person that I actually liked, to be honest I kinda enjoyed pissing her off!

5- Ryan Kett - Omg little Ryan Kett the guy who gave a whole new meaning to the word dedication. A few years ago on Hubpages little Ryan Kett was earning at least $2000 a month with ease as he knocked out more posts than a bad housing estate knocked out babies but alas the bubble burst and Ryan was left a crying, such a shame.

6- Khaleesi 19 - Well we really can’t leave out Bubblews very own Mother of Dragons and her friend Kelly now can we, she became so popular each of her posts hit the front page within 5 hours of her posting them but alas it all went to her dizzy little head along with her drinking problems and the little lady was banned for complaining about not getting paid, I guess she should have written for nothing !!

7 - Copyrightchaos - When I joined Bubblews this girl had just rejoined again and just watching her rise was awesome. I love &copyrightchaos as her writing is so varied but she is such an artist, her work is flawless and her writing draws you in and makes you feel you are with her listening to her telling her tale, for me she is the best writer on Bubblews.

8 - Kelr101 - What can I say about Kelly or Kels as I called her, she actually taught me how to combine a bit of serious with crap and call it serious crap, omg I loved that girl so much, one of the top writers from Ciao.

9 - Blondepoet - What I say about this awesome Australian chick who writes for hubpages with her short nurses outfit profile pic with her long blonde hair. Omg this chick wrote the most amazing saucy stories with black humor in them and one night I actually spoke to her on skype, really miss her talent so much!

10 - Playgirl27 - My best friend on Ciao who was so funny and who I texted and phoned everyday, her name was Lou and I loved her so much and was gutted when she died at only 27 years old. I still think of her a lot and I still have copies of many of her funny pieces of writing, I really miss not having her to make me smile.

But for me over the years I have met so many writers but the above 10 have left an impact on me, as a writer I love writers than get right inside my head and all the above have done that, they are my Top 10 Writers Online.

Omg I had a great day off work today and had lunch with a friend, oh I lied in a previous post as I do have a friend but just the one and its only because she has no friends either so happy days and no it wasn’t my old Gran.

First of all cheers for turning up again to read my crap or if this is your first visit nice to meet you and what took you so long finding me? How to enjoy your weekend is simple and I do it for very little money. I have downloaded the 1st season of Cold Case which I have seen but I like it that much I will watch it again plus I have poor memory, my friend told me of this amazing book to improve your memory but I keep forgetting to buy it.

After I write this I am off to the local store to get my bottle of red wine plus chat that little redhead Beth up who serves on the checkout, I so know she wants me but I love it when they play hard to get. Later on tonight I will probably log back on here a bit intoxicated and leave numerous witty comments with the people I love and please God keep me away from the ones I hate as I dont want banned.

Saturday and Sunday I am tidying my garden, yeah I know its boring crap but its so like a jungle in my garden only yesterday a Japanese soldier jumped out of the hedges ans surrender to me, scared the crap clean out of me. But I wish you all a great weekend, do tell me how you enjoy your weekend, right I better get some cool after shave on so Beth likes the smell of me, oh yeah baby!!!

I was watching television last night whilst eating my dinner and an advert came on about helping starving children and I immediately typed in the number into my mobile phone and donated £5 because although I am a bit crazy I am a kind person, I actually even gave $50 to a poor beggar on here.

But my old Gran used to say “If you do a kind deed everyday Mark a good thing will come back to you” which was a load of old crap as my life has been a load of old crap. I think when God was handing out good luck I was at the back of the queue. But I am kind, only last week I ran 3 marathons of 28 miles to raise money for charity and the week before I swam 10 miles to raise money to mend the local Church roof.

To be honest my nickname where I live is “There is that kind man Mummy” and I smile with a little sigh as it makes me feel ever so good inside to know I am helping the world to be a better place but are you a kind person?